Health Services

Consistent with its vision and mission, the Malta Medical Center provides healthcare services characterized by quality care, accessibility, affordability, and a heart to serve.

24-Hour Admission

The MMC provides 24-hour hospital admission to all patients with mild to moderate diseases.

24-Hour Emergency Care

The MMC provides 24-Hour Emergency Care, equipped with complete life-saving medical devices, medicines, and ambulance necessary for emergency cases.

24-Hour Fully Automated Laboratory

The MMC is one of the hospitals in Davao City with a 24-hour Fully Automated Laboratory. The Laboratory is equipped with state-of the-art machines and instruments, ensuring quality, on-time and accurate results.

24-Hour Pharmacy

The MMC has a 24-hour Pharmacy to serve in-patients and out-patients with new and affordable FDA-approved quality medicines.

Renal Dialysis Unit

The MMC is equipped with a state-of the-art Dialog+ Dialysis Machine, well-trained renal dialysis staff, and board-certified nephrologist. 

Skin Clinic

The MMC Skin Clinic provides high quality care to patients with varying degree of skin problems. Patients receive personalized treatment from our team of highly qualified dermatologist and well-trained skin care attendants.

Dental Services

Coming Soon.


The MMC is equipped with a computed radiography system, a new portable X-ray, and state of the art ceiling-type 500mA X-ray machine with 6-way table movement capability and touchscreen digital control.


The MMC has acquired the LOGIQ P5 Digital Color Ultrasound System of General Electric {GE}. It is capable of performing routine ultrasound for obstetrical, musculoskeletal, vascular, urological, small parts, thyroid and abdominal procedures.


The MMC’s electronic fetal monitor keeps track of the heart rate of your baby (fetus) and the duration of the contractions of your uterus for maternal and fetal safety during delivery.

2D Echocardiogram

The MMC uses LOGIQ P5 equipment in performing echocardiogram with high quality images and reveals real time multidimensional details for accurate diagnosis.


The MMC is also equipped with Electrocardiogram equipment used by cardiologists as screening variety of cardiac abnormalities.


The MMC is equipped with a BTL-08 ABPM which is a non-invasive ambulatory blood pressure monitor featuring 24 or 48 hour sequential blood pressure monitoring, to accurately monitor and diagnose hypertension.


The MMC is equipped with a BTL CardioPoint-Holter which is a device for long-term ECG monitoring and subsequent arrhythmia detection.

Diet Counseling

The hospital also offers Diet Counselling service by a Dietician to patients with special diet requirements or family members who accompany them, to ensure effective treatment.

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