The Heartcare Clinic

Dr. Warner C. Camarao, a specialist in Adult Cardiology, after a three-year fellowship program at the Philippine Heart Center, started his medical practice in March 1999 by opening a Heartcare Clinic located at the San Pedro College building beside the San Pedro Hospital.  His wife, Rosanne Alarcon—Camarao, a nurse by profession, came later in April. In June, he opened a second Heartcare Clinic at Farmacia Sta. Ana in Toril District and his wife served a multiple roles – as nurse, secretary, receptionist, and medical records officer. Then on July 8, 2002 the heartcare clinic was transferred to the BF Bldg., along the McArthur Highway in Toril.

Inspired with the vision to serve people, the husband and wife team expanded the Heartcare Clinic to include a diagnostic laboratory and the name of the facility was changed to Malta Medical Diagnostic Center (MMDC).

Malta Medical Diagnostic Center (MMDC)

The MMDC was established in recognition of the kindness, generosity and trust of the people of Davao which was accorded to Dr. Warner C. Camarao, and his wife Rosanne A. Camarao. The name (Malta) was derived from the biblical reference of the Island of Malta. It was recorded that on his way to Rome, Apostle Paul was shipwrecked and forced to land in Malta where the people showed him and his group unusual kindness, hospitality and generosity. During their short stay in Malta, many sick people were healed and miracles happened. (Acts 28:1-10)

Initially , it was registered as Malta Medical Diagnostic Center (MMDC) with the Department of Trade and Industry in July 8, 2002.

Malta Medical Diagnostic Center Incorporated (MMDCI)

On March 18, 2003, the MMDC was incorporated and registered in the SEC as Malta Medical Diagnostic Center, Incorporated (MMDCI).

The Diagnostic Center initially started providing professional medical services in Adult-Cardiology, Internal Medicine and  Pediatrics (Dr. Maria Teresa S. Chiew) with secondary clinical laboratory services and a pharmacy. Later, x-ray and ultrasound services were added including specialist clinics in ENT (Dr. Danilo R. Legita), OB– Gynecology  (Dr. Ana Riza Parreno) and Diabetology(Dr. Lowel  M. Amoguis).

Malta Medical Center (MMC)

In 2005 the owners of MMDCI bought a land along the Km14 McArthur Highway, Toril, Davao City and earmarked this as the future site of Malta Medical Center. In line with the vision of the husband and wife team to expand the clinic into a hospital, the name was changed to Malta Medical Center (MMC) on March 27, 2006.

With limited funds, the MMC was planned to start as a primary hospital and its building to be constructed by phases. The building plan was approved by the DOH on March 16, 2006 and immediately after that, the pre-construction requirements and preparation begun.

On March 10, 2007, the construction of the ground floor of the building started through a ground-breaking ceremony officiated by Engr. Allan Botuyan. The construction which was financed through a loan obtained from the Development Bank of the Philippines was finished in November 2007. The MMC building was inaugurated on December 22, 2007, and the license to operate as a Primary hospital was approved by the Department of Health on January 23, 2008. On January 28, 2008, the Malta Medical Center grandly opened as a primary hospital.

In the same year the MMC became a member of Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) and a year later, in October 2009, the MMC acquired PHILHEALTH accreditation. The MMC also earned the 2009 National Product Quality Excellence Award and the Seal of Products Quality as the Best Primary Hospital in Davao City by the National Council for Product and Service Quality and Consumers Today magazine. laboratory

In 2011, MMCI became an institutional member of Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories and also compliant to the National External Quality Assurance Scheme of DOH to ensure quality, accuracy and reliability of medical laboratory.

In 2012, the PhilHealth Insurance Corp. (PHIC) accredited MMC as a “Center of Safety” in recognition of its quality healthcare services.

Consistent with its mission-vision and strategic plan to continuously improve and provide quality healthcare services, a plan to expand the MMC building by constructing 2nd and 3rd floors was prepared. The plan was approved by the DOH Bureau of Health Facilities and Services and the Office of the Building Official of Davao City. In 2011, and the construction of the 2nd floor commenced in 2012 until its completion in April 2013.

On August 15, 2013, the MMCI have acquired a new license to operate as Level 1 General Hospital under the new classification of hospitals by the DOH Health Facility and Services Regulatory Body. Under such category, MMCI provides a 24 approved bed capacity for admission. Emergency Room, Operating Room secondary Clinical     Laboratory, Pharmacy, Delivery Room, Level 1 X-ray to its catchment area.

Later that year, MMCI applied for an additional service— dialysis center and this was spearheaded by Dr. Clarissa E. Arsolon. Consequently, in May 7, 2014 the license to operate a 7 units dialysis machine was granted. In 2016, MMCI has established a Skin Clinic under the supervision of Dr. Maricar Lacuesta—a Dermapathologist and Dr. Hector Nazareno—Reconstructive Surgeon. The skin clinic offers services & treatment for several skin conditions as well as reconstructive and enhancement procedures.

On October 2016, with the increasing demand for healthcare services, the renovation & construction of 3rd floor commenced. The construction of the 3rd floor was completed on March 2018 and the   occupancy    permit was granted by the local government unit.

Furthermore, the license to operate was granted on September 17, 2018 by the DOH Health Facility and Services Regulatory Body. At   present, MMCI operates a 48 approved bed capacity for admission. Emergency Room, Renal Dialysis Unit, Operating Room, Delivery Room, Level 1 X-ray, Pharmacy, Secondary Laboratory, Dental Clinic, Skin Clinic and Out-patient consultation from specialty consultants.